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Comixology is home to the largest selection of digital comics anywhere, and Embonpoint is proud to be a partner. See how easy it is to start building your digital comics library, and be prepared to lose yourself in the world of comics!


This is the same dynamic story as the complete graphic novel. However, just for you digital fanatics, we're releasing it in individual chapters with fabulous new covers only available on ComixologySee our book trailers​ for a sneak peek!

FATIZEN: The Comic Book, Issue 1

Meet Delilah Palladino. Brave and confident to a fault, we follow our heroine and her family into a dystopian world where food intake and Body Mass Indexes are monitored and regulated by the Dietary Guard Patrol.

Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!

FATIZEN: The Comic Book, Issue 2

Introducing Mimi Masters, Director of the  Office of Size Compliance. Calculating and unyielding, Mimi values a slender society and moderation in everything.

The new Endomorphic Laws rule the land, and anyone with a Body Mass Index over 30 is classified a "fatizen" and sentenced to Calorie Camp for rehabilitation. 

Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!

FATIZEN: The Comic Book, Issue 3

What is thicker than water? Enter Miss Rhonda Gorbelli, Delilah's sister, and significant other of Mimi Masters. Caught between worlds, Rhonda must navigate the fine line of blood relations and business requirements with finesse and charm without losing her head. 

Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!

FATIZEN: The Comic Book, Issue 4

Delilah is arrested by the Dietary Guard Patrol and charged with violating the Endomorphic Laws. Imprisoned in Calorie Camp with no hope of release, Delilah goes toe to toe with her camp counselor, but Sergeant Thonica's brutal "Death by Diet" philosophy challenges Delilah's hope for humanity. Can our heroine survive?​

Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!

FATIZEN: The Comic Book, Issue 5

Delilah learns the dark secret that lingers

in the shadows of Calorie Camp-the  foreboding reality about the children separated from their parents. Our heroine is faced with the tragic demise of her fellow prisoners and ends up locked in solitary confinement for months. In the end, Delilah

is thrust into a final confrontation with Sergeant Thonica that will forever alter her future. Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!


FATIZEN: The Comic Book, Issue 6

Ten years have passed since Delilah vanished. Her boys, Mark and Kevin explore college under the guidance of their Aunt Rhonda. Life takes a swift, unexpected turn and throws the boys into a dark underworld only to come face-to-face with the grim reality of living while obese. The journey gets grim as the young men are forced into the underground and learn the darker truth of survival of the fattest. Download this latest chapter now for $1.99 on Comixology now!

blanc noir: the Marabou Mule series

In the mood for mystery and murder laced with science fiction, horror and satire? Welcome to the world of Blanc Noir, our Marabou Mule Mystery Series. Marabou is a Private Eye with a skill for finding trouble, but she won't stop until the job is done. See our book trailers​ for a sneak peek!

Blanc Noir: A Marabou Mule Mystery

Marabou is on the case of a string of socialite murders. Ms. Mule is stylish, sassy, smart, but runs fashionably late—to the detriment of her clients.


Strange, mysterious, and terribly delicious, Blanc Noir is 54 black and white page-turning fun.


Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!

Blanc Noir Deux: A Marabou Mule Adventure

Marabou is on a new case. Billionaire tycoon Ronald Trixon is up to no good.


Marabou joins forces with her long-time friend, Roxanne Rollins, and together they dive headfirst into high society and reset the balance of good versus evil.


Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!


Blanc Noir Deux: A Marabou Mule Adventure

Marabou teams up with her friend, Alabaster Sconce to explore the death of his beloved Aunt Cherry, but things go terribly wrong at the family mansion.

A frightful family with deadly intentions face off with a vengeful spirit for a night no one will soon forget-for those that survive the night.


Download it for $1.99 on Comixology now!

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