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The mission of Embonpoint was to provide a publishing vehicle for new graphic novels. As writers and visual artists ourselves, we experienced the hardship in getting our work to the public through the standard channels. Our initial projects stood outside of the mainstream with characters and topics that challenged the status quo and didn't necessarily fit inside any kind of box. And since we had no intention of changing our style or our message, we created Embonpoint in 2017.


Our little imprint was an experiment in creating unique, progressive material that challenged societal ideals. We focused on two titles, FATIZEN The Graphic Novel and Blanc Noir, our Marabou Mule Mystery Series.

Our first project was released in  2017. Blanc Noir is a black and white detective story created by artist Mason Arrigo. A dark, twisted romp that gives a nod to the old gumshoe stories-with a little horror and science fiction thrown in for good measure.


The last two issues of Blanc Noir dive into ghosts and aliens: Blanc Noir Ferox  and Blanc Noir Quatre. Marabou teams up with her old nemesis Alabaster Sconce to solve the mystery of the death of his beloved Aunt Cherry. What causes some families to fall apart? And what defines "family"?  The final issue blasts off into space for an otherworldly adventure. Watch the book trailers.

The FATIZEN project is our dystopian trilogy. This work is based on the prose novel Fatizen 24602 by Philip Barragan and published by Branch Hill Publications in 2015. FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel is illustrated by artist Mason Arrigo. The epic conclusion to FATIZEN, Part Three: Their Mortal Rind, is on sale now.

The release of FATIZEN Part Three is the final graphic novel for Embonpoint. After seven books, we must acknowledge putting work out into the world without a large machine to advertise and distribute is too great an endeavor for two artists. The business of publishing takes us away from our art: lesson learned in what it takes to be a publisher.


We hope that our stories have brought some enjoyment and enlightenment into your world. That is, and will always be, our goal-to reach others through our art. We thank our family, friends, colleagues and supporters over the past five years.


You can catch us for a final book signing at Black Star Collectibles at the Lakewood Mall in Southern California on Saturday, March 13, 2022. Come on by and say hello!


You can always order our books through Amazon, your local bookstore, or digitally on Comixology. Please contact us for any questions or comments. Thank you.

 ~Philip & Mason

The Graphic novels
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FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel

Part One


FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel

Part Three

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Blanc Noir: Déjà Vu Issues 1 & 2

A Marabou Mule Mystery Graphic Novel


FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel

Part Two

Fatizen 24602

The Prose Novel

Blanc Noir Ferox Issue 3

A Marabou Mule Mystery Graphic



Blanc Noir Quatre

Issue 4

A Marabou Mule

Mystery Graphic


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Blanc Noir: Marabou Mule Mystery Series

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FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel Series

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