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Who we are
Mason Arrigo
Illustrator, Artistic Director

Mason Arrigo is the artist and creator of Blank Noir, Blanc Noir Deux, and illustrator for Fatizen, The Graphic Novel. Mason was born and raised in Lockport, New York.


Mason’s childhood was spent buried in comic books. Inspired by D.C. & Marvel illustrators as well as Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella comics, Mason learned to draw at a very young age. He continued his craft while pursuing a career in make-up artistry in Chicago and Florida.


Mason is now working full time as Artistic Director at Embonpoint Publishing working on several upcoming graphic novels including Blanc Noir Ferox, the third installment of the Marabou Mule Mystery series. 

Mason and Philip live in Long Beach, California. 

Chris Link

Chris Link is a talented artist and graphic designer in Los Angeles. FATIZEN is Chris' first collaboration on a graphic novel. Embonpoint is thrilled to have Chris' expertise on this project.


Chris can be contacted at or on his website at

Philip C. Barragan, II, MFA
Author, Editor

Philip Barragan grew up in the San Fernando Valley, the not-so-sleepy suburb of Los Angeles. Philip devoted much of his life providing social services to runway and homeless youth in Hollywood and treatment education to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.


Philip completed his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles in 2011 and spends his days at the local health department working towards quality healthcare for all-regardless of immigration status.


Philip’s debut dystopian novel, Fatizen 24602, was published by Branch Hill Publications in 2015 and is the basis for Fatizen, The Graphic Novel, released in July 2017.


Philip established Embonpoint Publishing with his husband, illustrator Mason Arrigo, in early 2017 to publish a series of graphic novels.


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